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Pocket Prayer Book

The story of
Pocket Prayer Book

In Holly’s words:

Back in the early 2000’s I was involved I a spiritual group in Boulder, CO. We met every couple of weeks. This group, unbeknownst to me, helped anchor the spiritual awakening I was in the middle of. It was chaos back then, emotional turmoil and drama.

Somehow, amid my tight-grip on my ego and my ego’s tight-grip on resistance, I started hearing things. And by things, I mean voices. It wasn’t like the voices I heard my whole life. Those were either random comments, my name being called, or the sound of a busy train station. The new voice was clear, direct, and accurate. People would ask questions and I would tell them what the voices said. It was amazing.

Not easy, but amazing. I had to learn how to use this new tool, and that took some engineering. My ethereal team of being began answering my needs with poetic words. Healing words. Phrases and prose that struck me so much that I began writing.

I wrote the Discord Prayer. As soon as I could channel, people began asking me questions. The answers came through in voices and verbiage from another time, and certainly above my communication level. I wrote more.

At that time, I would print the prayers for people. It wasn’t as common to email things back then. I felt that the words belonged to Spirit, so I passed them along. But they were piling up, accumulating. Ten, twenty, thirty and wow! Let’s put these into a little book. So I did.

Around 2006, I think. I printed it on an (now old) Apple laser printer, then had a print shop print the covers and staple them. At a healing arts show, where I was doing readings, a few sold. Then a few more. I printed more.

This went on over a few years and the prayers numbered forty something by then, so I had my local print shop take over the printing. I would call the shop and say, “Hey, I need 50 more please.” They knew me by then.

At one point, I added a paragraph about each paragraph. That went on for a year or so, but then I decided that my writing was from ego, so I nixed me from the ‘great spiritual words’. A client had a little talk with me. She said, “We need more. We need the bridge.”

So I wrote more. And more… But now we are into the story of Divine Accordance.

Now the Pocket Prayer Book is available thru Amazon and in stores. The fresh version has a new cover, less typos and an index. My heart swells with gratitude for all the human angels that have loved and purchased PPB.

It’s been an amazing, wonderful, fulfilling and healing journey. I had to release self-doubt and honor my gifts. This little book has the energy of so many people, and I love them all so much!

Thank you for reading my story.
May your spiritual road by a wonderful journey and evolution of love- hb

Divine Accordance

The story of
Divine Accordance

In Holly’s words:
Did you read the story of how the prayer book was born? Because that is how Divine Accordance came to be. At one point I wrote little paragraphs about each prayer. Then I removed the added info, because—well to be honest, it was because I was insecure. I doubted that my thoughts and words would be of interest. People wanted spiritual guidance. Not Holly guidance. Right?

Well, my pal Becky Robbins set me straight. I did major healing around the subject. Meanwhile, writing and writing. The first draft was 120 printed pages. I sent it to ten people and begged for their insight. Honest insight. (THANK YOU to the ten people!) After compiling their notes and adding what was coming through from my guides, I had a book.
A huge book. And get this: it was ten years later. Ten years!! I mean, who writes a book in ten years? Me, apparently. Part of the problem was my learning curve. It was more akin to a learning spirograph.

Not knowing how to query publishers (you need an agent) I started researching self-publishing and began that arduous journey.

You can read about the way I “accidentally” published Divine Accordance, just click here.

I was guided, pushed, pulled. Then I have given birth to my story. The story of guides, angels, people, and me. All in 300 or so pages.

It’s real now. After so many years of wondering if Divine Accordance would ever be done, it pretty much fell out of the birth canal and landed face up. Wow. What a journey. I am so grateful to my guides, all the Light Beings that helped me and so many humans. Thank you all, I love you.