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The story of
Divine Accordance

In Holly’s words:
Did you read the story of how the prayer book was born? Because that is how Divine Accordance came to be. At one point I wrote little paragraphs about each prayer. Then I removed the added info, because—well to be honest, it was because I was insecure. I doubted that my thoughts and words would be of interest. People wanted spiritual guidance. Not Holly guidance. Right?

Well, my pal Becky Robbins set me straight. I did major healing around the subject. Meanwhile, writing and writing. The first draft was 120 printed pages. I sent it to ten people and begged for their insight. Honest insight. (THANK YOU to the ten people!) After compiling their notes and adding what was coming through from my guides, I had a book.
A huge book. And get this: it was ten years later. Ten years!! I mean, who writes a book in ten years? Me, apparently. Part of the problem was my learning curve. It was more akin to a learning spirograph.

Not knowing how to query publishers (you need an agent) I started researching self-publishing and began that arduous journey.

You can read about the way I “accidentally” published Divine Accordance, just click here.

I was guided, pushed, pulled. Then I have given birth to my story. The story of guides, angels, people, and me. All in 300 or so pages.

It’s real now. After so many years of wondering if Divine Accordance would ever be done, it pretty much fell out of the birth canal and landed face up. Wow. What a journey. I am so grateful to my guides, all the Light Beings that helped me and so many humans. Thank you all, I love you.