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Holly’s mandalas are for sale!
You may purchase Holly’s art in digital format, as an original or printed on something for your home.

Holly’s technique begins with a flower-of-life created using compass and pencil. Her designs are spiritually inspired through meditation and deep connection with the power of art to change everything. Holly ‘allows’ the design to form, feeling into the message possibilities.

For instance, Dimensional Voice Mandala (above) works with your Throat Chakra to enhance spiritual communication, bypassing dimensional limitations, giving one a voice to the Universe. It is also useful for your Third Eye Chakra via the deep blue background. Imagine what this artwork can do to a room where people communicate! Opening to a Divine Truth in oneself brings heart awareness, forgiveness and compassion. Color and shape are important parts of each mandala, and Holly lets each creation form through her steady connection to Divine Creation. Energy and life emerge from paint, marker, pencil and paper. Holly’s unique and original mandalas sing with vitality as healing tools.

You may notice the reasonable prices for Holly’s original mandalas. It’s true that one should price things high to show value and worth. But working with her guidance, Holly found that artwork has a purpose. It can bless a room, offer healing, clear, even teach. Therefore, they are priced to find their people. Holly’s mandalas hang in many homes, and sell quickly.  The colors, lines, circles and dots will energetically work from a reproduction. Thank you for supporting art as a healing tool.

If you see a watermark, the writing across a Mandala, note this is will not come on any purchased artwork or digital copy.